Refill. Reuse. Repeat.

Arogya bottles mission is to promote the use of copper water bottles as a plastic-free, environmentally friendly alternative. Saving the planet and investing in our health.

Fighting Against Plastic Waste

Every year, 500 billion plastic bottles are used, which equates to 66 times as many bottles as humans on the planet. There is only one planet earth, and together we can make a difference.
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Functional Beauty

Our Arogya bottles are extremely functional. Their elegant design makes them a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their daily routine. They are ideal for water storage because their high copper content helps to purify and improve the taste of the water. 

Our copper bottles combine beauty and style, making them an excellent choice for those looking to improve their health and wellness while reducing their environmental impact.

Environmental Impact

Our primary goal is to promote the use of copper water bottles as a plastic-free, environmentally friendly alternative.

Did you know it takes up to 1000 years for plastic to decompose, and in the meantime it leaches chemicals into the soil and water table, polluting our environment. Plastic is a material that is not biodegradable. We’ve all seen the images of sea turtles with plastic bags in their stomachs, and whales entangled in fishing nets. Many marine animals are killed by ingestion or entanglement with plastic debris, which also harms their ecosystem.

Copper however, is one of the most versatile metals on earth. It has been used for thousands of years in a variety of applications, from plumbing to cooking pots to jewellery. It is a natural anti-bacterial agent that kills germs and reduces the risk of infection.

Saving the environment

Elegant & Stylish

Our bottles are proudly handcrafted using traditional methods by experienced artisans. Each bottle is constructed from a single sheet of pure copper, with no joints or seams, and sealed with a beautiful copper leak-proof seal.

Look After Your Bottle

Take care of your bottle as it takes care of you. Our copper bottles are naturally self-sterilising and do not need as much cleaning as other water bottles because copper is naturally anti-microbial.